Victors Club


Our Mission: To build hope among young people living with HIV

Our Motto: We Care

AMS launched the Victors Club to provide peer-support to the over 1,100 young people (ages of 10-24 according to the World Health Organization) who access services at AMS. The Victor’s Club shows our youth that they are not alone—there are others their age who are facing the same struggles.

The Victors Club proudly states, “We are victors not victims.” These young people are living life to the fullest not letting HIV/AIDS stand in their way.

Among its many activities, the Victors Club welcomes young people who have been newly diagnosed to the program. Learning your status can be an unsettling time and the Victors Club offers support and encouragement, peer-to-peer. Club members check in on youth within their communities to discuss the challenges of disclosure and adherence and to just catch up over a soda. The Club also meets for leadership skills development, awareness building, talent shows, and social gatherings.

From within the Victors Club, 20 youth leaders have received training in communications and leadership skills. These leaders connect with young clients in their local neighbourhoods, organizing casual social gatherings and following up on youth who may be struggling with adherence or disclosure. Together with the Youth Peer Educators, our youth leaders help strengthen the AMS link to the community.

AMS strives to make our services youth friendly. Friday is the designated youth day at the clinic when youth come for appointments and see other clients of the same age. This solidarity is a source of encouragement. We also host youth days throughout the year, larger gatherings to boost morale and celebrate the young clients of AMS.

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