The Need

Although Uganda did very well in bringing the HIV prevalence down from 30% in late 1980s and 1990s to 6.4 % in 2004/2005, there is now a general fear that the country is becoming complacent and is slowly slipping back into danger zone.

Prevalence and incidence is rising, now 7.3% of the population nationwide and 10% in Kampala. HIV/AIDS continues to be a major socio-economic challenge and is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. AIDS is one of the number one causes of death among 10-19 year olds in sub-Saharan Africa. We must act now to end this!!

Alive Medical Services is located in one of the most populated areas of Kampala and is surrounded by many slums. Our clients come from our local community of Namuwongo and beyond. We test an average of 500 new individuals for HIV a month with an average of 90 testing positive. That leads to up to 90 new patients a month! At the start of 2015, we serve over 11,940 clients, but the number grows every day.

These statistics indicate that there is likely to be continued high demand for AMS services. Join us as we care for those already infected and strive to reduce the prevalence of HIV in Uganda through education and increased awareness. With your support we will continue to serve our clients with love and dignity and will look with hope to the future.