Support Groups

The Counseling Department at AMS provides outstanding psychosocial support to our clients. A number of peer support and income generating groups are part of the AMS Family. Scroll down for a description of each.


There is strength in numbers—about 150 in this case. The members of Tweyambe empower one another through peer support, drama/health education, income generating activities, and skills and leadership training.  The group was begun when the 7 founders recognized that they could create opportunities for themselves and overcome common challenges better together than alone. The members of Tweyambe strive to be self-reliant and to promote positive living for themselves, their families, and their communities.

If you visit Alive, ask about their current projects—sales in the past have included jewelry, scarves, basket, and other arts and crafts.

Bulamu Kwefaako (Kapeeka)

Bulamu Kwefaako harnesses the power of community to better their surroundings. Inspired by the success of Tweyambe, this support group strives to bring the health centre closer to its village community. Bulamu Kwefaku is based in Kapeeka (and often referred to by that name) and found that members struggled to travel to AMS to actively engage in Tweyambe–so they began their own support group in their local community! Registered as a community-based organization, Kapeeka members conduct home visits, counsel HIV-positive individuals, and raise awareness. Additionally, they support one another in income generating activities from animal husbandry to crop farming.


Next to the Children & Youth Wing, the women of Kwagalana gather to make beautiful beaded bracelets as part of 100 Good Deeds (click to meet the AMS team). This activity provides both material and emotional support as the women come together to work.

Purchase a bracelet to support Kwagalana here.


Income generating for clients, this project also responds to a community need. The ladies of Kisakye (meaning “grace” in the local language Luganda) sew reusable sanitary pad kits for sale in the local community and donation to clients and school girls in need. In Uganda, many women and girls are unable to afford disposable sanitary pads, instead missing up to a quarter of the work and school year! The  sewing group began in 2015 thanks to a generous donation of start-up capital from the Pink Umbrella Foundation.

Support Kisakye by buying a Super Kit, which will be donated to a client or school girl in need. Super Kits cost $8 USD each and can be purchased through any of the donation options. Each Super Kit will last for up to 3 years, so your $8 donation will prevent a young girl from missing up to 180 days of school or a woman from missing 36 weeks of work!

Organic Gardening Groups

AMS staff provide start-up and maintenance support to a number of client gardening groups. These groups provide an opportunity for clients to learn sustainable gardening skills, grow nutritious food, and market produce to the local community. These gardening groups regularly sell produce to other clients at AMS food days, making this a valuable and sustainable addition to AMS programs.

Justice Centres Uganda

The Counseling Department is now able to refer clients to Justice Centres Uganda, who now handle genuine legal matters that concern our clients free of charge. Many women in Uganda go through challenges especially when their husbands abandon them and/or die and this service will give them representation.