Nutrition & Water Purification

Nutrition Program

Food Day is a great day at AMS! The entryway fills with clients waiting to receive nutritious food. Health Talks focus on nutrition and how to prepare healthy foods in a hygienic way. We are currently able to distribute beans, rice, and sugar to about 1,400 very vulnerable clients annually with about 360 clients receiving food every month. We know that nutrition is key to successful ART and hope to increase this number, as well as the amount of food, as funding allows.

Water Purification

The Procter and Gamble (P&G) Safe Drinking Water program at Alive Medical Services has continued to grow and we are amazed at the tremendous impact it is having on our patients, their families and the community at large. AMS serves 7,245 families with Safe Drinking Water kits. With an average of 9 family members benefiting from each parcel, we estimate that about 54,720 people are reached with P&G water purification from the clinic every month!

The P&G Safe Drinking Water program at AMS is extremely important, helping to prevent water borne diseases. Although access to clean water is a basic human right and a prerequisite for improving the health of vulnerable communities, especially PLHIV, the majority of people we serve who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS have very limited access to it.

Knowledge is power – AMS holds a water purification demonstration during our monthly food day, and teaches each client how to use the products when receiving a water purification kit for the first time.