Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care

Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV

AMS tests over 600 new clients a month, linking an average of 96 new HIV-positive clients to care.

AMS is accredited by the Ministry of Health Uganda to carry out voluntary counselling and testing for HIV free of charge. VCT is a lynchpin between prevention, treatment, care and support. These services are available during working hours from Monday to Saturday and people can walk in without making any appointment.

This service is very confidential and clients can be reassured that their results are not disclosed to third parties. Our qualified counsellors adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Clinical Care & HIV treatment

The AMS clinic serves children and adults, offering in-patient and out-patient care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AMS provides free anti-retroviral treatment (ART) to about 7,890 clients, including 5,197 children, adolescents and youth and chronic care for an additional 5,000 HIV-positive clients. Full clinical tests are administered on a six month basis for all clients on treatment (currently close to 14,600) to provide ongoing monitoring of their clinical condition and response to first-line treatment.

Clinicians work to prevent and treat opportunistic infections, such as TB and skin disorders, and other diseases such as malaria.

When necessary, AMS provides transport for critically ill clients to the National Referral Hospital which is equipped with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Psychosocial Support

Counselors meet with clients continuously. AMS offers individual pre- and post-test counseling, adherence counseling, couples counseling, crisis counseling, and on-going counseling. The Counseling Department, with the assistance of Community Health Workers and Peer Educators, follows up on missed appointments at one week, one month and three month intervals.

Additionally, the Counseling Department works with the psychosocial support groups to strengthen peer support networks and to provide skills and support in income generating activities.

Every interaction is an opportunity for education and staff give daily Health Talks on a broad range of topics from adherence to nutrition to ensure continuous awareness building.