AMS treats every patient with love, respect and dignity, as a unique and very precious person and this has led to the high number of patients – now over 14,565.

The care at AMS is excellent, comprehensive, holistic and family oriented. Operating 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, AMS has integrated almost all services an HIV positive person will need, making AMS a one-stop medical centre where each patient is given all the medical services and medicines they need with love and respect and free of charge.

Each service is viewed as a point of prevention, where clients receive information on HIV testing, the importance of knowing one’s status, and how to become a point of positive prevention. Prevention will help achieve our end goal of realizing a generation without HIV/AIDS.

To learn more, select from the services below.

Maternal & Child Health

Ensuring the youngest are diagnosed and treated; working to eliminate transmission from mother to child; and supporting women in our community.

Laboratory & Pharmacy

Complementing the work of the Clinic to make AMS a one-stop-shop for HIV/AIDS care and treatment.

Nutrition & Water Purification

Supplying our most vulnerable clients with nutritious food and distributing water purification kits that reach well into our community.